Organic Competition Analysis

Organic Competition Analysis

“We research your competitors and see every keyword they rank on. We also uncover the exact content and backlinks (websites that point to them) that lets them outrank you. Skip the trial and error! Get the information you need right now!”

Top 5 Factors for Organic Competition Analysis

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  1. What websites link for your keyword phrase?
  2. What websites link to your competitors?
  3. What websites link to all of your competitors?
  4. What keyword phrases are used by all of your competitors?
  5. What keyword phrases do your competitors rank for now?

For $200 you can get this from our recommendations on your website.

  • Increase traffic from a list of the best websites to get links from.
  • Increase rank by getting the same links that your competitors have.
  • Increase rank/sales/traffic using the keyword phrases that your competitors use.
  • An in-depth analysis on how to use this information


“Also I got my biggest (Million dollar plus!) client ever, based on a past client’s testimonial that you thought to put on my home page.”

– Kristi from Austin Texas Realtors

“Mike! You won’t believe it! A SECOND TV show called me up asking to do an interview they said they found me on the search engines!”

– Kristi from Austin Texas Realtors

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Organic Competition Analysis
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