Pay Per Click Competition Analysis

Pay Per Click Competition Analysis

“We research your competitors and see every keyword they’ve ever bought on Google and every ad test they’ve run. Avoid the trial and error by modeling what has already worked for them!”

Top 3 Factors for Pay Per Click Competition Analysis

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  1. The Best Keyword Phrases used by all of your competitors.
  2. What Google Ads work best for your competitors.
  3. Which Keywords are the best to bid on.

For $200 you can get this from our recommendations on your website.

  • Save money  on PPC bids by skipping the trial and error.
  • Increase sales by applying what works best for your competitors.
  • Increase traffic by knowing which keywords are searched for the most.
  • An in-depth analysis on how to use this information


“Michael, what ever your doing is working we are seeing increased order activity on this end for sure! keep up the good work! Tool sales which we were lacking somewhat have increased for sure, and parts orders which we always did good on have also increased.”

– Brian from NPH Power Tools

“Michael – is a pleasure to work with he is timely, understands budget constraints, and has a great knowledge of SEO.”

– Steve from Travel Bays de Noc

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Pay Per Click Competition Analysis
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