Keyword Research

Strategy and Planning

Top Keywords Researched
Top Keywords Researched
The best way to strategize and plan for your website is keyword research. 

  • What keyword phrases are related to your website?
  • What keyword phrases are searched for the most?
  • Which keyword phrases are the easiest to rank for?
  • What questions do people ask that is related to your website?
  • What websites should you get links from based on your keyword phrase?
  • What type of links should you get related to your best keyword phrase?

With this report you can answer all of these questions.

For $400 you can get this from our recommendations on your website.

  • The number of times per month each keyword phrase is searched for.
  • How hard it is to rank for each keyword phrase.
    (The keyword phrases will be color coded from green to red to get an idea quickly.)
  • A percentage from 1 to 100 that the keyword phrase will likely get clicked on. (Organic CTR)
  • Short comment on what you would have to do to rank for each keyword phrase.
  • Questions people ask related to your keyword research theme.
  • Best website links to get for your best keyword phrase.
  • The best type of website links you should concentrate on for linking to your website.
  • Recommendations from me on what you should do to give your website the maximum performance it needs.
  • An in-depth analysis on how to use this information

There you have it. With this report you will get a list of the best keyword phrases to build your website around, a list of websites to get links from that relate to your best keyword phrase, and what types of links you should get that will help you the best.

By the way this information is also helpful if you want to do pay per click advertising.


“Thank you SO MUCH! It’s like you just fixed a HUGE handicap to our business!”

– Caitlin from Morski Music

“This is awesome!! Thank you so much. Everyone keeps telling me how much they LOVE my website! I hope I will have a bunch of referrals for you soon.”

– Debi from Kool Kid Tunes

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Keyword Research
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