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The Top 5 Factors To Make Your Website Rank

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  1. How fast does your website load?
  2. Is your website mobile friendly?
  3. What links are pointing to your website?
  4. How will you rank for a certain keyword phrase?
  5. How well do the search engines crawl your website?

For $200 you can get this from our recommendations on your website.

  • Increase traffic from people leaving your site if it loads to slow.
  • Increase traffic and/or sales by making your site more mobile friendly.
  • Increase rankings by getting rid of spammy links.
  • Increase traffic by taking advantage of broken links.
  • Increase rankings by optimizing your page with our recommendations.
  • Increase traffic from allowing the search engines to crawl your site better.
  • An in-depth analysis on how to use this information

Two of the sample files you will receive:


“Recently, Mike has worked with me to improve the revenues and profitability on our new website by several hundred percent over the last year alone.” – Steve Keim – President of Race Driven

“We outsourced our paid (Google) traffic, but that group of professionals did not achieve anything close to the results Michael achieved. In fact, now that our organic traffic is doing so well, we are looking at dropping our paid Google ads altogether – which will be a huge savings to us.” – Larry Wurn – President of Clear Passage Therapy

What You Get

  • Detailed report on what you have.
  • Recommendations on what you need to do to improve traffic and rankings.
  • 48 hour turn around time.

What You Won’t Get

  • Generic jargon that you won’t understand.
  • Being left out in the cold. Email us!

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